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Catching Up

I haven’t written much for this space lately. The last few years, most of my inspiration and creative energy has gone in another direction. A few years ago, I started hearing melodies in my head with accompanying lyrics. Since then, I have written the lyrics for more than 100 songs. The songs cover just about every genre of music.


A few months ago I began searching for musicians and singers to help put some of my lyrics to music and sing them. I met a musician named Michael through a Facebook group and sat down with him at his house for about four hours just talking. One of the things he talked about was the passing of his wife several years ago and feeling her with him when he runs. The next morning I wrote the lyrics to a song “Just You and Me” from start to finish in less than 30 minutes. He and I believe these lyrics were channeled through me from his late wife and I believe all creativity comes from a spiritual source. He was moved by my words and made a YouTube video, with the music, he composed, singing by lyrics.


This link in this blog post leads to to my YouTube channel, which contains a few videos created from my song lyrics, including “Just You and Me.” For anyone who has had a child pass on, I wrote “You’ll Always Be My Son” to commemorate 10 years since the passing of my youngest son.


If you or anyone you know are a musician/singer would be interested in collaborating on a song, please feel free to contact me.



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