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Awakening Isn't Easy

Terms like “finding yourself” and “spiritual awakening” have become more prevalent throughout our society. Unfortunately, they have also become more misunderstood. Awakening is not about finding yourself by looking outward. You can only find yourself by looking inward. Your true self is what your soul brought with you to this lifetime. Awakening is essentially re-discovering that soulful connection, while learning and releasing everything you were taught that interferes with your true self. Human desires such as greed and addiction are learned behaviors. They are driven by human ego.

I have encountered countless people over the years who expressed a desire to find themselves and awaken spiritually. I have received and passed along messages from spirit for most of those people. They typically recognize the message and accept that it is truly meant for them. They understand what must be done to reconnect with their spiritual selves. But that is usually where the journey stops. Those human attachments that pull us away from our spiritual self, bring comfort and empowerment. The comfort of human trappings and empowerment of ego are what most people are unwilling to release. When you are unwilling to release the bad, you cannot get back to the good.

Truly spiritual practices do not cost money or require appointments. You aren’t going to find yourself spiritually on a yoga mat or during a trip to Sedona. And no, you are unlikely to find yourself spiritually in a church. You are more likely to find yourself under the control of that religions teachings and practices. Those types of experiences may play a part in your spiritual journey but they will not make you a spiritual person in and of themselves. That only comes from reconnecting with the loving energy of your soul and resisting everything that pulls you away from that connection.

There is no magic pill for a spiritual awakening. It is a mind, body and soul experience that requires soul-searching and recognizing which aspects of your life are rooted in love vs which are not. Behaviors rooted in ego, greed, control and judgment are not rooted in love and are precisely what needs to be released before finding yourself. All of those things or not part of your true self. They are behaviors that are learned and promoted within this society.

There is ultimately only one determining factor in whether or not you find your true self and awaken spiritually. That factor is your willingness to release everything that does not demonstrate love for others and for yourself. If you are unsure of what needs to be released, the seven deadly sins are a good starting point: Pride, greed, wrath, envy, lust, gluttony and sloth. Addiction is not on the list but it is intertwined and will pull you toward many of those “sins.”


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