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About Steven Joseph

Steven Joseph is an intuitive spiritual life coach and author of The Soul of My Son: A Grieving Father's Journey from Skeptic to Psychic Medium and From Grief to Awakening: Discover Hope and Healing in Your Own Spirituality.

From Steven: Soon after the tragic death of my youngest son, I began experiencing signs of a spiritual awakening. After communicating with my son through a local psychic medium, I started attending a group for people with various levels of abilities. With the help of the medium leading those classes, I was able to read another group member. Since then, my gift of spirit communication began improving rapidly. I have communicated with spirits of loved ones for many people, including many well known mediums across the country. These communications have taken place in person and via telephone, video chat and messaging. I am gifted with all of the "Clair" abilities in various degrees, with my strongest being clairvoyance. During a session, I channel messages and guidance from your spirit guides and loved ones, which can range from simple and mundane to powerful and emotional. Since my spiritual awakening, my belief in the creator(s) is stronger than it has ever been but my spirituality does not require man-made religion. My spiritual calling is to help others discover their own path and pursue their spiritual life journey.


Are you Ready for a Session?


You must be totally open and believe that your spirit guides and the souls of your loved ones who have passed have messages and guidance for you. If your religious beliefs or skepticism prevent you from opening up spiritually to the possibility, you may not be ready and your spirit guides may block your ability to receive. If that is the case, attempting a session would be a waste of your time and mine. 


Please schedule a time when you can sit down, clear your mind and devote your full and undivided attention. If you are out and about, busy or distracted, you may not be able to concentrate and help the spirit come across, as well as interpreting any signs. Consumption of alcohol prior to, or during your session is greatly discouraged, as it can impede your spiritual connection and recognition of any validations, messages and guidance.


What to Expect in a Session

Our loved ones and spirit guides know we are skeptical by nature and they want to communicate with us. Due to the difference in vibration levels from our consciousness to their energy level, it is not an exact science. I use gifts of sight, sound, feeling, knowing and occasionally remote viewing to receive messages and guidance for you. I am reducing my conscious mind and opening my extrasensory abilities, so I may not remember everything I pass along to you. Because of that, I offer an audio recordings of your session at no charge. 

First of all, I will open myself and invite communication from your loved ones and spirit guides. The term “loved ones” is what I use to include those related by blood, adoption or marriage as well as close friends or significant others. Spirits want you to know they are with you and have been waiting for you to open up a line of communication. They have important spiritual messages and guidance for you and are not inclined to dwell on mundane details of the physical life they shared with you. The important thing to remember here is that your spirit guides know what you need spiritually better than you do.

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