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Touching Lives

As part of my healing journey, I have been pushed by spirit toward my metaphysical abilities. At first I thought the plan was for me to be a psychic medium. Little did I know that was just a step in my ongoing journey. My life journey is about touching lives in a positive way. Sometimes the “touch” is dropping a seed and walking away. Other times I am compelled to remain for a time and help someone learn to nurture and grow that seed into a tree. In some instances, I remain as a helpful gardener on an ongoing basis. Regardless of my role, the underlying mission is healing. Early in my healing journey I learned that nothing helps you heal like helping another heal. That has remained the driving force behind what I do. From the early days as a psychic medium and author until now, it has never been about money. The message is more important than the messenger and I am merely a messenger. I have encountered people in many places and many ways, who are in need of a message from the universe through their spirit guides. Some of those people didn't have the financial means to find someone who could deliver their message, so the universe placed me in their path. I welcome those opportunities and use my abilities to reach out and touch those lives in a positive way. If it is meant to be, the messages will be forthcoming. Whether it is a scheduled session or a casual interaction, it all happens for a reason. I look at each situation as an opportunity for both parties to learn, grow and heal. In the end, not only do I touch their lives but they touch my life in return. 

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