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Love vs Control

Each of us are born with one thing. Love. Love of all, including self. It is the essence of who we are. Pure, loving energy that is part of the universal energy. Love cannot be taken away and it follows us through every physical lifetime. Love is light. Every other feeling and emotion that detract from love are part of the human experience. The are learned as part of each individuals unique journey through life. Those negative emotions are left here in darkness when our physical body ceases to function and our souls return home. At the root of those human emotions and feelings is control. Desire for control is the root of all that pulls us into darkness. Name something that has a negative spiritual influence on people. I assure you that desire for control is at the root of it. Ego: Desire to control how others perceive us. Greed: Desire to control money and resources. Jealousy: Desire to control what others have in relation to ourselves. Addiction: Desire to control our emotions with temporary pleasures. Anger and Violence: Desire to control the beliefs and actions of others through violent means, up to and including taking the life of another. Religion and Politics: Desire to control the beliefs and actions of others, along with their access to money and resources. Racism and Homophobia: Desire to control others who were not born like oneself, due to insecurity and lack of self love. Borders and War: Desire to control the movements, beliefs and actions of others, along with the natural resources of the land they occupy. (aka greed) Did I miss anything? The bottom line is that is you look at any highly divisive issue in society, one or both sides is rooted in at least one of the control mechanisms listed above and believe that exerting control is the solution. If you reduce those to the least common denominator, you will find it is love vs. control. Love manifests itself as acceptance and compassion for ALL. I emphasize the word “ALL” because that is where most people get tripped up. The next time you are presented with a divisive issue, ask yourself whether the solution is love or control. Choosing love is the light that will lead you toward inner peace. Choosing control will lead down a dark path of never ending inner turmoil. 

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