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We are of the Stars

We are of the stars Each of us a tiny light Pure in loving energy A spark inside this body Ignited by desire to live this life We gather with our families In clusters of brighter light Shining down on the earth As constant reminders of where we are from For those who are willing to look We have the choice to use this spark To ignite a light of love in others Or hide it away in the darkness of human desires Either way we live the life Taking home with us the lessons we learn We know of our origin deep in our souls Feeling only the love of this light at birth Some of us sharing this love every day Others unlearning what we know of who we are Becoming what we are taught to be We all have the choice of direction Following the spark of light and love Or hiding in the darkness we find here on earth One path leads to fulfillment and peace The other to further darkness and pain We choose the life we live And follow the influence we believe Knowing deep inside where the path will lead us Sometimes hiding from the true self And the path that leads to our inner light 

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