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The Gender of a Soul

Your soul is the energetic essence of love, without gender. Before incarnation, your soul chose your sexual orientation, gender identity and physical characteristics, including your reproductive organs. Each of these characteristics are predetermined by your soul, not human choices. This is true for humans and animals alike. Your soul has lived lives with different genders and orientations. The belief that sexual orientation and gender identity are a human choice, is rooted in ignorance and fear of those who are “not like me.” Expecting everyone to “be like me” is far removed from the love that is held within your soul. Those expectations are propagated by some religions and used as tools to control the masses through fear. Embracing fear and subjecting yourself to control will lead you away from a path toward being a loving human. The old adage of “love the sinner, hate the sin” is built on a false premise that certain gender identities and sexual orientations are somehow a “sin” against the creator. Nothing could be further from the truth. Each of us is created as a human extension of a loving soul. We are born with only love. We learn the rest from those around us who we allow the most influence in our lives. Love and acceptance are what we are born with. Fear and hate are choices. I intentionally use the term “acceptance” instead of “tolerance” because tolerance implies that gender identity and sexual orientation are choices to be tolerated. If we choose to accept everyone as loving beings and set aside beliefs that those who are somehow different than our expectations are inferior or evil, the world will be a much more peaceful and loving place. 

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