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Dreams and Nightmares

What’s the difference between a dream and a nightmare? There is no difference. Every dream has a message. How you perceive that message is determined by your life experience and spiritual path. Whether you find clarity or confusion, fear or understanding, depends on how you look at the dream and the message within. If you allow your human emotion of fear to control your perception, the message will bring even more fear, as your fear feeds on itself. Fear has no place in the mind of one who has found inner peace. Pondering a dream message from a soulful place of calm and peace, brings clarity and understanding. Yes, events shown to you in a dream can seem scary on a human level. In a dream, things are not always as they seem. For example, death and destruction as perceived by the human mind can be symbolic of rebirth and rebuilding. Violent acts in a dream can be related to inner turmoil. Symbolism becomes clear as you release the fear. When you view the circumstances and events of a dream through a lens of fear, you will see your fear amplified. When you welcome every dream as a message and guidance from your spirit guides and loved ones, there can be no fear. Every message is a piece to the puzzle of your spiritual journey. Some of those pieces may not seem to have an immediate place in the overall puzzle but they will all eventually fall into place. Be patient and know that even if you don’t remember a dream, you still learn from it on a soul level. 

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