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Full Moon Energy

At the moment publishing this article, the full blood moon is occurring in North America. It was preceded by the longest blood moon eclipse of the century. The moon is an amplifier of energy. When it is full, it amplifies the most. It affects everything from ocean tides to humans. What that energy amplifies within you depends on who you are spiritually and the direction you are taking in your life. If you feel self love, that feeling will be amplified. If you feel self destruction, that will be amplified instead. If you are neutral, this can be a time of great change. The direction of that change will be determined by your intentions and actions. If you choose to embrace love of nature and all beings, including yourself, you will be rewarded with inner peace. If you choose to pursue destructive habits and negative emotions, the result will be inner turmoil. The choice is yours. Set your intentions and choose wisely! 

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