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The Spirit of Creativity

A friend who is a highly spiritual being asked me if the inspiration for his drawings are a form of communication from spirit. My answer is that all creativity comes from the universal source of consciousness through spirit. We are given creative gifts because it is part of our spiritual journey through this lifetime and holds some purpose for us or humanity. Whether you are a writer, painter, inventor, etc. your creativity originated from beyond the human mind. For example, one can learn to write or paint but one cannot lean to be inspired. Those words and images are channeled through energy from source, through spirit to human consciousness. Someone with little or no experience in mechanical engineering can conceive a machine that will revolutionize human tasks. Not because the concept was learned through human interaction but because it was given by spirit. Every inspiration has its time and is a necessary part of the human journey. Some creations hold a message or purpose only for the inspired individual. Others are meant to impact either a segment or all of humanity in some form. Human ego leads many to deny the spiritual origin of a concept, seeking instead to take sole credit as a greater mind. The mind is nothing more than a vehicle to learn and process human activities and emotions. Without a soul and it’s connection to universal energy and spirit, the mind is limited to the human knowledge it is taught. That knowledge cannot create, it can only repeat. 

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