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Gut Feelings and Impulsive Behavior

One question I am often asked is how to determine the difference between impulsive action and gut feeling. Impulsive behavior and spiritual gut feeling are two different things. One feeds human desires for simple pleasures of these senses and the other nourishes the souls need to follow your spiritual path. This is not the case of a distinction without a difference, it is truly two different things. Decisions and actions based on impulsive behavior are usually rooted in ego and driven by negative emotions, resulting in physical or emotional harm to yourself or others. That harm can be instant or gradual. Some broad examples of non-spiritual impulsive behaviors are pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, sloth and addiction. None of those behaviors will lead you to a highly spiritual path. Decisions and actions based on your gut feeling, also called gut instinct, are guidance from your higher self and spirit guides. It is called a gut feeling because you feel it in your gut. That feeling is your solar plexus chakra relaying energetic guidance from your higher self to your human self. When you are doing something that just feels right with the universe, the solar plexus chakra gives you a sense of peace and calm. When your choice is detrimental to your spiritual path, or emotionally and physically harmful to your self or others, the solar plexus chakra gives you a sense of discomfort and turmoil. That turmoil is often temporarily overcome by vices, leaving even more spiritual discomfort to reconcile later. Your higher self will never steer you wrong and will always lead you to the path of greater good. Impulsive human behavior will create many road blocks and detours along your spiritual path. Attachment to the past and fear of the future will influence your choices and can be easily confused with gut feelings. One method of distinguishing between gut feelings and impulsive behavior is to find a relaxed setting and calm your emotions. Then ask yourself the troubling question for which you seek direction. Consider only one possible decision and its potential ramifications first. Does that decision bring you peace and calm or discomfort and turmoil? Now consider the opposing decision and feel the difference in your solar plexus chakra, or gut feeling. You must remove the influence of all vices from this process, or the results may not be in the best interests of your spiritual self. Practicing this technique can bring you more ease in making decisions that affect your spiritual path and help lead you toward a life journey of fulfillment and inner peace. 

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