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Full Moon New Year

I receive many questions about the metaphysical effects of the lunar cycles. The effects of yesterday’s full moon seems to be strong, especially for me. There is scientific evidence of the moon’s influence on ocean tides. There is also anecdotal evidence of full moon influence on people via crime, emergency room visits, etc. That evidence leaves little doubt that lunar cycles do influence earth and people. I view the moon’s influence on people as an amplifier. If you are a positive, spiritual being in touch with your metaphysical gifts, a full moon will affect you positively, thus amplifying your positivity and gifts. Conversely, if you are in a dark and negative place spiritually, the effect will amplify your negativity. Combine the full moon with the beginning of a new calendar year and the effect is further amplified. Not by the date on a calendar but by your personal, spiritual outlook on life. If you are at a peaceful place in your life journey, with a positive outlook for the year ahead, the year ahead will seem like a new beginning and foster more positivity. Conversely, if your life is in turmoil and your spiritual connection is lost, the amplifying effects will bring fear of even more turmoil. It all comes down to your intention, perception, connection and direction. If those three things are positive, the full moon and new year will lead you to more positivity. If one or more is lacking within you, the full moon energy and new calendar year will seem to lead you in a negative direction. Which direction you take is all up to you. Set your intentions and move in a positive direction! 

If you feel the need for guidance from spirit to help with your direction, please schedule a session via my website.

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