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The Energy of Attraction

Have you ever wondered why you are attracted to someone, especially a romantic partner? The answer is simple. Energy. You may have read countless books or articles explaining the human, psychological reasons for attraction. On a human level, many of them are right. On a spiritual level, they are all wrong. The driving force behind your attraction goes much deeper than your human mind. It is the energy of your soul, pushing you toward, or away from someone. Everyone we meet in life helps us learn life lessons and contributes to our spiritual growth. Some of those lessons and growth are simple, some are complex. Some are obvious, some are subtle. Some are superficial, some are deeply personal. All of those lessons are meant to be. They were pre-planned by your soul, in conjunction with your soul group. Some lessons were pre-planned before you incarnated, others were planned “on the fly” due to changes in the plan as a result of your free-will decisions. Have you ever heard the phrase “They were meant to be together” or “It was written in the stars” when referring to romantic partners? In many instances, those words are correct. Those relationships usually have a certain “je ne said quios,” something that cannot be adequately described. That is because most people can not describe, or understand an energetic connection beyond the bounds of human psychology. Some of the participants in those relationships are aware of a deeper “push” but most do not understand the nature or origin of that push. Whether you call it gut instinct, intuition or a sixth sense, it is an energetic push toward that person. That push takes place because there are lessons, both human and spiritual that you are both meant to share and learn from each other. Those lessons may be brief and small in number, or they may be lengthy and take a lifetime to learn and share. When you move from one intimate relationship to another and the same lessons appear, it is because you did not learn the lesson as intended during the first, second or subsequent relationships. This repeating of lessons is common when one or both people in a relationship ignore their gut instinct and defer to analysis of perceived human needs when selecting a partner. If your selection of a partner is based primarily on factors such as appearance, income and monetary wealth, social standing and religious beliefs, urging of family and friends, or because your biological clock is ticking, it is unlikely your choice is spiritual in nature. You will still learn lessons from that relationship but the spiritual growth necessary to lead you toward fulfillment and peace, is unlikely to be present. There are many types of intimate and spiritual relationships. Those types include life partners, soul mates and twin flames. Some people who are aware of soulful energy and spirituality, struggle to define their relationship type, often trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. If your relationship doesn’t “feel” like it was meant to be one of those types without resorting to explanation of the aforementioned human factors, it is not likely to be one of those types. The human emotion of denial can play a big role here, as you struggle to hold onto something that wasn’t meant for you. Trust your instinct. It is the energy of your soul telling you which path to follow. If someone makes you feel peace from within, gravitate toward them. If someone is emotionally or physically abusive, that is not a spiritual connection. If you can easily explain, with sound reasoning, why you are with a partner, it is likely that human factors weighed heavily in your choice. Choose someone with a certain je ne sais quios, over someone who fills your preset laundry list of qualifications. The path you find yourself on by trusting your soulful instinct will lead you to fulfillment and peace. 

If you would like guidance from spirit  with your relationship and life direction, please schedule an appointment via my website.

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