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Four Years of Healing

It was four years ago today that my youngest son ended his physical life. It is a date on the calendar that marked the end of one human journey and the transformation for many whose lives he touched. For me, there is no ceremonial commemoration, just solemn introspection. So many of us dwell on the human part of our journey. We embrace the physical connections shared with our loved ones, believing that is all there is to our existence. A wide range of emotions continually pull us back to the desire for those “lost” connections. Those connections are not lost. They have reverted back to the energetic connections we shared before choosing to incarnate in our human lives. The deepest sense of loss comes from the strongest connections. Ironic, isn’t it? When we feel the deepest sense of loss, it is because we share a connection beyond the physical senses. We knew their thought process, physical actions and emotional reactions before we experienced them with our human senses. We communicated non-verbally with them. Those connections are still there. We can still communicate non-verbally with our loved ones beyond their human existence. They have messages for us. They are watching us. They know our thoughts and actions. They are trying to help us find our path and discover our life journey. The love we share with them still exists. How do I know? I have discovered all of these things during the last four years. The conscious choice to release my preconceived beliefs and human attachments led to my spiritual awakening. I was given the ability to communicate not only with the soul of my son, but countless other souls from beyond physical life. The story of my journey from grief to awakening is told in my first book. The entire process of my transition from skeptic to intuitive communicator has led me to a place of peace within my soul, as I discovered hope and healing. Embracing that hope and healing does not mean I have forgotten my son. I still talk about him every day, just as I talk about my other son. The memories we created together as we shared a common journey are unforgettable. Now I continue my journey without him in the physical sense, yet with him spiritually. Our souls are connected beyond what either of us knew during his lifetime. That loving connection lives on for eternity. Everyone can find that place of peace, if they make the conscious choice. You can discover hope and healing in your own spirituality. My second book was an effort to help others with their own personal discovery. Among those discoveries was learning that I did not “lose” my son. Our connection continues and I feel his guidance in my life every day. He is my inspiration, my spiritual teacher and my emotional strength. But he is not alone. There are others I was close to, who have transitioned from physical life, while maintaining a strong connection with my soul. They all play a role in my life journey, just as your loved ones are helping you find your way. Trust the feelings you somehow know are from the spirits of your loved ones and understand there is no going back. Desires to have our loved ones back physically are an impossibility that can lead to depression. Fears of moving forward without them can lead to anxiety. Live in the present, know they are with you, accept the signs they send you and dedicate your life to sharing only the loving emotions they share with you. If you would like to read more about my journey of hope and healing, or how you can find the path to your own journey, my books are available on my website, Amazon or Barnes & Noble websites. They are titled The Soul of My Son: A Grieving Father’s Journey from Skeptic to Psychic Medium and From Grief to Awakening: Discover Hope and Healing in Your Own Spirituality. Individual intuitive guidance sessions may be scheduled via my website if you are curious about your journey and discovering your own path. 

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