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Breaking the Mold

I recently had a conversation with a man who was preparing to speak before parents of children recently diagnosed on the autism spectrum. This father is 11 years into his journey since the diagnosis of his now 13 year old son. Although I have friends who are parents in similar situations, this brief conversation helped me reflect in a unique way and enhance my understanding from a spiritual perspective. Most people have a preconceived mold they expect everyone to fit into. That mold encompasses a set of social and behavioral expectations. Autism, ADHD, Down’s Syndrome, Alzheimer’s and other human conditions are considered outside the mold for most people. The concept of what is and is not normal behavior becomes a limiting factor for those considered outside the norm. Every human is gifted and that mold of expectations needs to be broken. Many of the increasing number of children with diagnoses that don’t fit the mold are indigo, crystal, rainbow or star children. There are spiritual and metaphysical abilities, methods of communication and other gifts beyond the human senses. Many of the people who don’t fit into the societal mold of expectations, possess these abilities and gifts. Instead of a singular focus on causes, cures and how we can help them fit into the mold, we should be asking what unique gifts each individual possesses. Ask yourself what you can learn from every individual, not just mentally but on an emotional and spiritual level. Whenever you encounter someone who society might view as outside the mold, try to approach them from a spiritual perspective. Set aside the urge for pity and judgement. Project a calm, loving, inviting energy and accept that person for who they are. Rather than talk about them as if they don’t understand, talk to them because they understand your energy beyond words. Observe their eyes, their expressions and their actions. Most importantly of all, try to sense the energy they project and feel what they have to share. There is much more to communication than the physical senses and there is much more to life than loving inside the mold. Every being has a purpose in life, whether or not everyone recognizes it. We are all teachers and we are all students. Our entire existence is a classroom and every human interaction is a lesson. If you believe there are lessons to be learned from even the most unexpected encounters, not only about others but also about yourself, the human experience becomes much more amazing. Let’s allow those who may be judged as outside the norm to break their mold and help those soulful beings emerge. 

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