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Crossing Over

Every soul crosses over. Every. Single. One. Every soul transitions to a higher existence of light and love. The belief that souls become "stuck" somewhere "in between" is rooted primarily in religious beliefs that were created to control people through fear. It is ridiculously presumptuous of us as humans to think that a highly advanced spiritual being somehow needs human assistance to reach its destination and find peace. That belief says more about the spiritual and emotional state of the person holding the belief than it does about the true nature of soulful existence. Only a human mind driven by ego or influenced by fear, could believe that their human thoughts or actions can affect a highly advanced soul that is between lives. I understand where that belief originates; religious dogma, peer pressure within the spiritual community, horror movies and scary fiction novels are the biggest contributors. During my intuitive journey, I have communicated with countless souls on behalf of clients and have never been told of any souls being "stuck." I understand there are intuitives who will tell of loved ones being "stuck" and needing help to "transition" or "go to the light." Those types of statements are spiritually counterproductive, rooted in human ego and tend to instill fear. Once a belief is implanted in the mind and allowed to grow, a narrative can be built to support that belief. That, in a nutshell, is how humans are motivated by fear. I choose to distance myself from beliefs rooted in fear, because they do not contribute to positive growth of my soul. Our loved ones all transition back to the loving energy they brought to their human lives and they try to help us on our human journeys. Your life will be much more fulfilling and peaceful if you choose to embrace that love and release yourself from beliefs that attach you to fear. 

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