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Global Change

There is a global change underway. It has been happening for quite some time. For some, it is a spiritual awakening to love and light. The rest will be drawn deeper into the darkness through hate and violence, where they are easily manipulated by fear. The decision is not simply a conscious one. It is a choice by the higher self of how one will spend the rest of this human existence. Nobody is immune to the change. We all feel it. This recent shooting of a politician is a motivational event and the reactions are interesting to observe. Some are motivated by compassion for the victim, not necessarily because of political preference, but as a human being. Others are motivated by fear and primarily because of the human beliefs shared with the victim. Allowing yourself to be angered and motivated by fear, will lead only to darkness. Vigilance, as always is warranted but try to act only in ways that are rooted in love and light. 

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