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Fear, evil, religion and connection

If you are relying on praying to mythological deities (gods) or their underlings (saints and angels) to assuage your fear of perceived evil entities (devil and demons) you are right where religious leaders want you to be. Beholden to their man-made hierarchy of benevolent entities. Those benevolent entities are no more real than the evil entities. Good and evil do not exist outside the heart and mind, they are what you allow into yourself, therefore perceiving and believing. If something inside your heart and mind is fearful, then your imagination can take you to dark places in your mind. No mythological deities can bring you back from those dark places. You must find it in yourself, believe that you are a spiritual being of the highest intentions and believe that you have complete control over the perceptions of evil allowed into your heart and mind. Those "evil entities" are not real and therefore can bring you no harm. Just as the gods, saints and angels are not real and cannot save you from the harm you fear.

Religion is the most common crutch for those who cannot overcome evil attachments through their own spirituality. It is the "save me" mentality ingrained in people for centuries by religious leaders and their followers. There are many communicators and healers, whether genuine or not, who cannot disconnect from their ties to man-made religion. For those who intertwine religion with their spirituality and metaphysical gifts, it will limit their success. Fame and financial fortune are not true measures of success in spiritual matters. The only measure of success is how many people you genuinely help in a spiritual way.

The best way to help yourself is to find your own connection with your spirit guides, loved ones and the universe. The elements are your best starting point. Earth, wind, fire (sun) and water are there to sustain us both physically and spiritually. Most people have a primary element that helps them connect. Some have a mixture of all elements. Whichever element or combination of elements helps you feel most relaxed and connected, use them. Don't expect to be "hit over the head" with visual or audible messages. Communication and spiritual learning are often just a subtle "knowing" of something you didn't know before. Don't be discouraged and try to connect often, on a daily basis is best. The elements are not only your connection, they also help clear out negative energy and recharge your positive energy. Connection will also help you get in touch with the metaphysical gifts you may have. The world is full of undiscovered communicators and healers!

If you would like to learn more about your own journey and discover how to connect so you can discover your own gifts, please visit my website at and schedule a session/

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