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Mother and Child

Every mother has a special bond with their child. That bond transcends the physical connection of birth. It is a connection of energy between the souls of mother and child before birth. That energy is shared more closely than any other human connection.

Whether you carried a child for days or raised a child for decades, that connection exists between your souls.

For those mothers who have lost a child, the loss of that physical bond can leave you without hope. Hope and healing lies in discovering that "connection of energy" with your child. The soul that was your child in this lifetime still exists, is still with you and is trying to help with your life journey every day. Watch for signs from your child and feel their healing energy.

If you need help finding your way to a connection with the soul of your child, please consider reading my books; "The Soul of My Son: A Grieving Father's Journey from Skeptic to Psychic Medium" and "From Grief to Awakening: Discover Hope and Healing in Your Own Spirituality."

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