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Enlightened Beings

Many people you encounter will choose earthly fear and darkness over spiritual awakening and enlightenment. You cannot change that. Spirit guides are not allowed to control that free will choice. Neither are those of us who are following our own path to awakening. As enlightened beings, we must abide by the same universal rules that apply to every soul, whether or not a soul is currently experiencing a human life.

Learn to recognize opportunities to contribute to the awakening of others, even if your contribution seems insignificant. The butterfly effect may amplify your efforts further down the road. Simply being a positive spiritual influence may help someone discover their path toward awakening.

Before incarnation, we all plan opportunities during our lifetime for awakening spiritually. Some of us embrace those opportunities, most do not. You can be the impetus for change in someone's life. Try not to be disappointed if you find someone who is stuck in their earthly darkness, it may not be their time for enlightenment.

Spiritual awakening is a gift we choose to either embrace or ignore. Metaphysical abilities are not a novelty and are given only to those with the highest intentions, who use those gifts to help others. If you believe you may have some of those abilities and haven't yet discovered why, please contact me or schedule a session to receive guidance and find your direction.

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