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What's In a Dream?

Every dream is a personal and soulful experience, uniquely choreographed to deliver a spiritual message. Dreams are rarely literal or prophetic of things to come. Most dreams are symbolic messages from your spirit guides and loved ones who have passed. Those messages are intended as guidance for your spiritual path in this lifetime.

You dream frequently but usually awaken to remember only a small number of those dreams. Whether or not you remember a dream, it is a spiritual learning experience. The dreams you remember are meant to provide important spiritual guidance.

Yes, dreams can seem confusing, ridiculous or even scary. That is due to the symbolic nature of messages from your spirit guides. Understanding the symbolism and underlying messages can alleviate your confusion and fear, giving you a clearer vision of your soul's path and life journey.

One of the gifts I have been given is the ability to understand and interpret the symbolism and guidance in your dreams. Please visit my website and check out the dream interpretation I provide if you would like to know what's in your dreams.

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