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Heaven and Angels

It seems that lately the catchy marketing terms for selling books and seminars are “heaven” and “angels.” I understand the logic. There are opportunists who are using religious terms to draw in people who are either stuck in their religious beliefs or sitting on the fence. If you really want to believe that angels exist and there is a heaven, someone is willing to take your money in exchange for telling you what you want to hear. The bottom line is, you are contributing to their financial bottom line. What are you receiving in return?

The definition of heaven that is embraced by most mainstream Christians is problematic, at best. If you read the bible cover-to-cover and take notes on all references to heaven, you will most likely be left confused by the contradictions. Those numerous conflicting references to heaven leave the door wide open for business opportunities. Desperate people will believe whatever they are told by a charismatic preacher and hand over the money necessary to hear that message.

Is there a heaven as you expect it to be? When we pass from physical life, our souls return to the energetic being we were before our last incarnation. We are no longer attached to our physical body. We release all negative emotions and become pure love. There is no faraway, earth-like place in the sky where our loved ones are playing or participating in all the hobbies they love. They no longer have a physical appearance. The physical appearance a medium sees is created for us by their energy, as a way to recognize which energetic being we are communicating with.

Have you ever felt your loved ones with you or experienced signs from them? If so, you know that could not happen if they were in some faraway place in outer space. They are right here with you, energetically.

Are they guardian angels? That depends on your definition and usage of the term “angels.” In the religious sense of the word, no. As a general term of endearment for the souls of your loved ones, yes. Our loved ones are not waiting to intervene and save us from ourselves or some catastrophic event. They are souls connected to us that have to abide by the rules of the creator(s). Our loved ones in spirit are not allowed intervene in any life changing or catastrophic event.

There is also no hierarchy of angels, some with more power than others, waiting to be called upon to assist in healing or direction. Does it really make sense that only those who happen to find a practitioner who claims to be guided by angels would receive help? And that those people without the resources to find such a person are just out of luck?

Religion is OK for some people but if you are open to the infinite possibilities of the universe, you can discover so much more and be so much more. The possibilities for your spiritual growth are wide open if your heart, mind and soul are wide open.

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