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What Do You Want To Hear?

People tend to migrate toward those who tell them what they want to hear. Whether religion, politics, sports and yes, even spirituality, it is human nature to seek the easy path and embrace the status quo. Accepting that which appears easy and discarding what may require self-reflection and change is commonplace.

The easiest earthly path can bring human comfort. More difficult choices are generally necessary to bring spiritual comfort. With that spiritual comfort comes peace of mind and in turn, everything in life flows more smoothly. What your human self wants to hear may not be what your spiritual self needs to hear. I see this often in my clients. Some of them move from one practitioner to another, seeking to hear that they are on the right path spiritually. There are those practitioners who will take your money and pander to your human needs. I am not one of them.

If you ready to find the spiritual path you planned for yourself, I can connect with and channel guidance from your spirit guides, to help you discover that path.

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