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If you follow spiritual pages on social media, you have seen the ads. The ads that claim that you too, can have abundance through manifesting, attraction or calling in angels. All you have to do is buy a video, audio recording, attend a seminar, etc. Basically, give someone money and they can help you be rich! There is nothing spiritual about the logical response to these ads because it is simple common sense. If something sounds too good to be true, it is.

By definition, abundance is greed. Pure and simple. These ads may use clever language to play on your spiritual beliefs but essentially, they are talking about money. Greed is not spiritual. Greed is a selfish root of evil and a negative attachment that keeps you from love and light. The real spiritual challenge is not to acquire money and possessions but to learn how to connect with others. The only thing you should have in abundance is love and that is meant to be shared.

In the end, you can’t take the money with you but what you CAN take with you is the love you share while you are here. Love multiplies. Greed destroys. I suggest you pocket the money you would have spent searching for abundance and use your time to find ways of helping others who have greater needs than you.

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