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Help When You Can

The I was on a weekend vacation, walking down antique row in south Denver with my wife at about 10:00 Sunday morning. We approached a bench on the sidewalk with a man sitting alone and talking to himself. As we walked by I could hear this man was noticeably distraught and could hear what he was saying: “Please help me. I just want to die.” He repeated this a few times as we walked by. I have never been one to get involved but I paused and then kept walking. When we were about 20 feet past him, my head tingled and I knew my spirit guides were telling me I should try to help. I didn’t know at the time but Karen’s Reiki energy was also starting up by itself. This usually happens to her when she sees someone injured, such as a car accident.

We walked back to the bench, where I sat down and started talking with this man. His name was Adrian and he was visibly disturbed, asking me to “Just help me die.” I told him that wasn’t going to happen and he was meant to be here. Because of some indications I noticed, I asked him if he had used any substances recently. He was a few hours into coming down from a meth high and hadn’t slept for about 24 hours. Karen was standing behind him and I motioned with my eyes for her to start sending him healing energy. He began calming noticeably as another man came across the street with a bottle of water.

He grudgingly told me about his family circumstances and that he was homeless. All he wanted at this time was for me to help him die. I sat on the edge of the bench, angled toward him in case he tried to run out into traffic. He listened as I told him about losing my son to suicide three years ago and explained that people do care. I asked about his history in the justice and mental health system. He was concerned about wasting taxpayers’ money on him and I told him that is what my tax dollars are for, to help people who need help. As the discussion progressed, he agreed to receive help and Karen called 911.

After completing the call, Karen placed a hand directly behind his head as I had him take a couple deep breaths and relax. Adrian became noticeably relaxed, as we waited for help to arrive. He had previously mentioned that God should just take him and I explained how God had arranged for him to be on that bench, for Karen and I to walk by and the other man to come over from across the street. We were all there for a reason and the reason was to help him in his time of need. Everything happens for a reason.

By the time local police arrived and a rescue squad showed up to take him, we had spent well over an hour at that park bench in Denver with a stranger named Adrian. It was time well spent and we can only hope the time spent was an investment in his future. I am not naïve enough to think he will never be back out on the street but sometimes you just have to help when you can and when you are called.

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