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What Religion Am I?

This is a question I am often asked. I prefer not to be branded or labeled because this is a very complex and touchy subject. For those who cannot find spirituality on their own, there is religion. I believe there is more out there than we know and a higher power or powers we may not understand. Once you discover that on a personal level, labels are no longer necessary for oneself. Religions assign a name and even a gender to that higher power or powers, I do not. Everyone is free to believe whatever they choose. Beliefs are individual but truth is universal.

It is when some try to impose their beliefs on others that conflict arises. I believe that most wars ever fought were over land and resources. In many cases religion was used to motivate the masses to support an unjust cause. Tens, if not hundreds of millions of people have been killed over the centuries through crusades and inquisitions, all in the name of religion. I believe the only religion with no blood on his hands is NO religion.

So what religion am I? If that isn't apparent already, here is the summary. I am a loving energy soul of the universe experiencing a human life. Although I was forcibly raised as a Catholic, I chose to live this life without the trappings of man-made religion. If you feel compelled to challenge this or judge me because of this, it speaks more about your beliefs and motives than it does about mine.

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