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Vanity and Spirituality

Deep in our souls, we all want to be loved for who we are. Not for what we have or how we look. Those who are highly spiritual and embrace their metaphysical gifts will sense who you are by your energy, regardless of your outward appearance. Some who are adept at reading faces and body language may also have some indication of who you are. Many people use various disguises to portray an image of how they want to be perceived. Clothing, hair color, hair style, makeup, tattoos, tanning, jewelry, eyeglasses and colored contact lenses, altering eyebrows and eyelashes, even cosmetic surgery can all contribute to that outward image. A modified outward image is not the truest representation of who you are inside. None of the aforementioned physical modifications can express or change who you are at the core of your soul. They can only disguise it for a while, from those who cannot, or choose not to sense the real you. Whether your soul is of darkness or light, sooner or later it will emerge and be recognized. Those who do not accept you for your true self, may not be meant to be a part of your life journey. Those who do accept you for your true self will bring love and light into your life. The best way for everyone to know who you are, at a soul level, is to be yourself. Vanity is ego driving you to conform to the earthly desires of others and control their perception of you. Even worse, you are attempting to control your own perception of yourself. Ego and desire for control are negative earthly attachments that pull you away from light and love, love of others and love of self. Conformity is suppressing your true self love for human desires. You attract those who are looking for what you show them. Be yourself and you will attract those who love you for your true self. 

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