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Be True to Yourself

A big step toward finding your own inner peace is being true to yourself. Often those around you will not encourage or even appreciate you, unless you conform to their expectations of you. Because… Jealousy! That jealousy, or envy, is borne of ego, which is the human desire to be better at something than those around you. Simply put, when you better yourself, some of the people around you will perceive you as being better than them and try to knock you back down to their level. Do you not accept the judgment or conform to the expectations placed on you by others. As I wrote in a prior blog article titled “misery loves company,” people who are not finding their way spiritually, often desire to keep those around them in a dark place. Be your own light. If people around you are in a dark place, shine your light anyway. Gravitate toward those who accept you for who you are and distance yourself from those who try to make you into what they want you to be. Be the change you wish to see in the world. That is what will lead you to your own inner peace. 

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