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Empaths and Narcissists

I was recently asked by someone whether it is egotistical or narcissistic to pass along empathic and intuitive sensations to the person those energies were received from. First of all, narcissism and empathy are at opposite ends of the spiritual and metaphysical spectrum. An empath senses emotional energy from people and animals. A narcissist relies on input from the human senses and is actually dismissing any empathic energy. Basically, an empath knows what a narcissist thinks they know. That does not prevent the narcissist from trying to convince you otherwise. An intuitive empath combines their energetic sensation with a connection to the universe and spirit guides. As an intuitive empath myself, I get a feeling and just know when it is right to channel messages and guidance. Not everyone is ready to implement that guidance in their daily lives, but sometimes all we can do is plant seeds and hope those seeds take hold at some point and grow. An intuitive empath must disconnect from their ego and release any human desire to control their own abilities or control the emotions of others. On the other hand, a narcissist actively seeks to control others and also control how they are perceived by everyone around them. The universe does not allow genuine intuitive abilities to be used in such a negative way, so the narcissist is driven by fear and insecurity, relying solely on facial expressions, body language, physical actions and words. A genuine intuitive empath who is truly connected with the universe, has little need for human desires that satisfy the ego and seek to control. Those desires include greed, power, obsession with physical appearance, and addiction. Any or all of those human desires can and will lead you away from they spiritual path. If you are an empath, trust your energetic feelings and follow your gut instinct. They will always lead you back to your spiritual path. 

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