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Compassion and Acceptance

Over the last few years, I have allowed distance between myself and some of the people in my life. One of the reasons for that distance is differences in beliefs relating to compassion and acceptance. I am awakening and understanding the connection to my higher self, which leads to compassion and acceptance of all. I try not to judge those who are on a different path, while occasionally shedding light on beliefs that are not rooted in compassion and acceptance. Lack of compassion is the root of judgement and prejudgment (prejudice) toward others, who are generally perceived different somehow. I try not to use the word intolerance, because it carries the connotation of tolerating a chosen behavior. Gender identity, sexual orientation, skin color, ethnicity and even the geographic region you are born into, are not human choices. All of those things were chosen by your soul prior to birth, therefore they are not a human choice or behavior to be tolerated. Those things are part of who you are, to be accepted by those with compassion, or judged and condemned by those without compassion. The people in my life whom I have allowed distance between, have demonstrated a choice of the latter. Whether that choice is rooted in religious, cultural, familial or political beliefs is of no consequence. The resulting lack of love and compassion is the same, regardless of the root cause. Those people project a negative energy, which can drain your positive energy and bring you down to their level. Distance is the primary approach to avoid that energy drain. People who demonstrate prejudice will twist the conversation to disguise their lack of compassion and paint themselves as the victim. Just remember, pointing out judgement or prejudgment of others is not judgmental on your part. If your beliefs are rooted in compassion and acceptance, those beliefs are aligned with universal truth and a path toward inner peace. 

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