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Humanizing Spirit

I have been asked many questions and seen many statements from others regarding what spirits “do” on the “other side” in the afterlife. Many of the questions and answers tend to humanize spirit. This is understandable because we are humans and the human existence is our baseline, or point of reference. It is easier for some people to accept and understand the concept of loved ones being here in spirit, if that spirit is something they can more easily identify with. The energetic life force that we are, the essence of our being, has no physical size, shape or human features. It is pure, loving, flowing energy, unbound by time, space or distance. Those beings who have transitioned from physical life to spirit are not riding bicycles, playing sports or attending events in the physical sense. Some psychic mediums tell of these types of activities and may be genuinely seeing visions of these things. However, those visions are meant to be a comfort or validation of behavior from a previous physical life, not something they are somehow doing now in another realm. It is easy to be confused by these visions when influenced by ego or human desire. Rest assured your loves ones ARE with you in spirit. Because they are energetic beings, you can know and feel their presence. They can also use that highly evolved energy to give you a wide variety of signs and messages. After all, part of their continuing spiritual journey is to help us with our journey through life. Even the most skeptical of us can believe, receive signs and learn to communicate with spirit. That is evidenced by my own story, which is documented in my first book, “The Soul of My Son: A Grieving Father’s Journey from Skeptic to Psychic Medium.” 

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