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Channeling Celebrities

What exactly is channeling? Channeling is a form of spirit communication wherein the medium communicates with a spirit and passes along information from that spirit. I am often given information during sessions to pass along to clients via channeling. The channeled information usually includes something validating about the spirit directing the information to be channeled or the client. Spiritual guidance is the primary objective for the spirits imparting the messaging. 

There are some social media groups and video channels devoted to channeling celebrities. Some groups have even made passed loved ones into pseudo-celebrities because of channeling. The inherent problem with the claim of channeling passed celebrities is… there can be no validation. Basically, a self-proclaimed medium (genuine or not) can say whatever comes to mind, with no way to validate whether or not the message is from spirit. Needless to say, there is a huge potential for promoting self-interest and downright fraud. I have seen claims of channeling Elvis to Jesus and everyone in between. Who is to say whether Elvis or Jesus (if he really ever existed) would say those things? Frankly, I find the people making these claims to be an embarrassment to the profession of mediumship. Any genuine medium should know that validation is a very important part of the process.

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