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What’s in a Number?

If life were defined by numeric values of names or birth dates, your path would be clear. Anyone capable of simple math would know your direction. It is not. They do not. There are dozens of calendars being used in the world today by many cultures. There are also many alphabets and numeric systems in use across the world. They all have one thing in common, they were all created by humans at some point in time. Some ancient cultures did not use written language or keep dates with calendars. Yet some of those cultures were the most highly connected spiritually. Why? Because understanding your direction in life does not come from numeric values of names, numbers on calendars or alignment of planets. Your direction is based on who you are, what your soul planned for this lifetime and your willingness to discover yourself as a spiritual being. The spiritual nature of your being transcends human desires and greed. But only if you allow it to. Living your life by the numbers is a trap that is easy to fall into. When you seek external blame for internal shortcomings, the cycle of self-judgement never ends. Those who sell you a definition of your life based on numbers are luring you into that trap, because misery enjoys company. You can avoid the trap by understanding the spiritual value of connection with your higher self, spirit guides, natural elements and the universe. Your soul already knows all. Your human self is only allowed to know what you are ready for. Readiness is based on knowing and understanding your role in the universe, learning, living and sharing compassion, allowing spiritual needs to take precedence over human desires and discovering inner peace that is not found in anything created by humans. 

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