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Grief and Beliefs

Grief is the process of expressing a perceived loss of love through human emotions. You may be asking why I use the word “perceived” in my definition. It is because that love is never lost. Love is the singular feeling we take with us from life through passing and back again. There is a quote from the movie “Ghost” that describes this continuation of love: “It's amazing, Molly. The love inside, you take it with you.” We only grieve those who shared a loving connection with us. Most people grieve the loss of love without understanding that loving connection is still there. That love and your connection with it can be felt if you trust yourself to believe it and allow yourself to feel it. The progression from a system of beliefs in various man made religions to an individual connection with your loved ones is part of a spiritual awakening. Spirituality is not religion. Your spiritual connection with the souls of those you are closest to is as individual as your grief process. If you believe in that connection and trust that your loved ones will guide you, the journey through grief is much more profound and spiritual. Allowing yourself to awaken, becoming who you were meant to be and taking back responsibility for your own spirituality is the key to discovering hope and healing. This article is a brief summary of some of the spiritual concepts explained in my second book “From Grief to Awakening: Discover Hope and Healing in Your Own Spirituality.” 

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