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Metaphysical Money

What is metaphysical money? It is money made from one’s metaphysical gifts, or using the gifts of others to make money for yourself. We all have metaphysical gifts to some extent. Some people grow those gifts, while others suppress them. Some people use their metaphysical gifts primarily to help others. Some people use their gifts primarily to make money. The former walk the walk of spirituality awakening. The latter only talk the talk. The difference is in the motivation. How do you determine the difference? Ask yourself these this question: Do I need to do this because I want more money, or do I want to do this because I need to help others? If your answer is the former, you were lost on your spiritual path. If your answer is the latter, your gifts are serving a higher purpose. The only spiritual currency is love. Love for all is shared through your energy. Connecting spiritually with oneself and universal energy has always been a part of us. The energy and connection have always existed, the concept of money has not. People and cultures for thousands of years have lived highly spiritual and connected lives. Those people didn’t need money to spend on crystals, sprays, cards, pendulums and chemically manufactured oils. The most highly connected cultures discovered themselves through nature and the elements. Your metaphysical gifts should serve a higher purpose and the greater good. Fame and fortune do not serve the greater good, they pull you away from it. It has been said that the love of money is the root of all evil. That statement is a misnomer because one cannot love money. One can desire money on a human level, along with the material possessions and human comforts it brings, but that is not love. The most direct path to spiritual fulfillment I know of is to give of yourself without expectation. When you remove the expectation, it relieves your anxiety and places your feet squarely in the present and moving toward your spiritual path. That path will lead you to fulfillment and ultimately, inner peace. I leave you with one question to ask yourself. If there were no such thing as money, who would you be? 

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