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Soul Contracts

The term “soul contact” has become more prevalent in metaphysical circles lately. For a fee, you can attend a class and learn how to “break” soul contracts that are to blame for the woes in your life. As with many who offer spiritual and metaphysical advice, the key is in the fee. The universal parameters our physical lives are subject to are not written on paper. They are not limited to, or governed by the human mind. The agreements made by our souls, with the universe and our soul families transcend the human experience. Nothing we do as humans is outside the bounds of those agreements or universal parameters. The belief that we as humans can make or break a soul contract is borne of human thought and rooted in blame, fear, ego and control. Those roots are a human attachment to a a fruitless tree. Blame is the primary emotion behind the concept of soul contracts. People who think they are lacking something in their lives, tend to ignore spiritual shortcomings and seek something or someone to blame. The soul contract fills that bill. It is easy to blame the difficulties of life on a “contract” made with another soul or the universe. Shifting blame away from the true cause can temporarily ease the mind but it will not bring spiritual peace. Fear feeds the blame game. Fear of the future, fear of judgement and fear of the unknown bring anxiety and you guessed it, the need shift blame. Fear is the emotion most commonly used in motivating people to spend money on goods or services that are not in their own best interests. Ego is the driving force that ties it all together. Ego is behind the shifting of blame away from ourselves. Ego is behind the fears and most of all, ego pushes people to control their spiritual awakening. Control is the tool used to implement the desires that blame, fear and ego deem appropriate. The whole concept of soul contracts is about the human mind taking control of the energetic connections of our souls. Spiritual awakening is not about taking control of your soul. Spiritual awakening is about releasing control. So what is the answer? Intentions. Every aspect of your spiritual awakening and ascension to a higher state of being begins with your intentions. Some people who perceive success with breaking soul contracts have really just changed their intentions. All the classes, crystals and cards in the world are useless tools without intentions of light and love. If you understand that life is an experience of the soul and set your intentions to walk a path of light and love, with compassion for all, while giving of yourself without expectation, you will understand that those tools are unnecessary. Final thoughts. What about animals? Every living being is the embodiment of a soul, just the same as as humans. Are animals prohibited from the concept of breaking soul contracts, because they have no money or classrooms? Beware of those who would take the fruits of your labor with only false promises in return.

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