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How Do I Awaken?

This is a simple question with a complex answer. Intention, lifestyle and beliefs are all at the root of a spiritual awakening and discovering your metaphysical gifts. First and foremost, what is your intention? Why do you want to awaken? Fame and fortune or fulfillment and peace? Pursuit of the former will prevent the latter. You can fool many people but you cannot fool spirit. They know your intentions. If your intentions are to give of yourself without expectation and help others, you will be given what is needed to accomplish your objective and guided to a path that leads to fulfillment and peace. If your intentions are to achieve fame and fortune from your metaphysical gifts, you may be given enough to accomplish that objective, at the expense of fulfillment and peace. Is your lifestyle conducive to awakening and self discovery? Spiritual awakening is a body, mind and soul experience. Nourish your body, expand your mind, follow your soul. Your body is the vehicle for this journey, your mind is the driver and your soul gives the directions. Everything you consume either nourishes your body or poisons it. Mother Earth provides nourishment necessary for a healthy mind and body. Processing and chemicals either poison what nature provides, or provide an unhealthy substitute. Every thought that crosses your mind, either contributes to or detracts from your spiritual journey. The behavior you allow those thoughts to push you toward will determine your path on that journey. All negative emotions are learned human behaviors. Those learned behaviors are limiting factors in a spiritual awakening. Some examples of negative emotions and learned behavior: Ego, fear, greed, hate and intolerance. What are your beliefs? Religious, social and political beliefs are an indicator of where you are in the awakening process. That which serves the greater good, shows compassion for all humanity, respects Mother Earth and honors your soul, is an awakened belief. Religion and politics are intent on controlling the masses through a system of fear and reward. Both play upon human societal beliefs, prejudices and imaginary borders to divide, conquer and control. Those who slumber are much more easily controlled than those who are awake. Understanding that religion and spirituality are two different things is one of the most important steps in awakening. Knowing that all politics are an illusion used to divide the masses through ego is another necessary step. It is no coincidence that both religion and politics use parades and processions to worship man made symbols, while taking the fruits of your labor and using tightly controlled gatherings to promote a faux unity. Each downplays the teachings of their original leaders in favor of beliefs that unite only those who share their controlling beliefs. Religion, politics and government depend upon you resisting your own spiritual awakening and instead, embracing their substitute. You don’t need them to awaken yourself but they need you to remain asleep and contribute to their control. Accepting that all living creatures were created as part of the circle of life, not to serve humankind, is yet another step toward awakening. Treating every fellow human as an equal in the human experience, regardless of skin color, geographical origin or opposing beliefs is one more giant leap in the awakening process. Awareness of these intentions, lifestyle and beliefs is not awakening. Teaching others about awakening is not in itself awakening. Truly believing and living those beliefs is how you move toward awakening. When you awaken to the knowing of who you are as a loving soul and begin learning your higher purpose here, you will no longer wonder why people do the things they do. You will understand it is part of their journey and not everyone is meant to awaken at this time and in this place. 

If you need assistance with awakening and discovering your spiritual path, please schedule a session via my website.

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