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Finding Yourself

I know and see many people struggling to find their true selves. The most common questions they ask are: How do I find myself? Where do I find myself. The answer is simple. Your true self cannot be found in a place, in a relationship or through objects. Your true self is who you already are. It is inside you now. Who you are is hiding behind what you present to the world. In other words, what you pretend to be his hiding who you really are. On a journey to find oneself, there can be many people who will lead you astray. Those people generally have ulterior motives such as greed, ego and misery. Misery loves company, ego drives self judgment and greed is a distraction from spiritual shortcomings. You don’t need crystals, sages, oils or religion to find yourself. All of those things rely on human attachments to money and control. There are also no specific places to find oneself. Many people spend a lot of money to travel many miles, in search of a place to find themselves. The ancient natives of many lands, who were highly spiritual and not religious, were able to find themselves. It was not a specific place, it was their connection with the elements. Earth, wind, fire and water give us everything we need to connect, find ourselves and know our souls path. No money is necessary. Just a dedication of time alone with oneself in nature. You will not find yourself in a crowd of people, at a bar, at a party, at a stadium or arena. You will not find your self indoors in front of a television. You will not find yourself through a relationship with a significant other. You will not find yourself by having children or spending time with grandchildren. You will not find yourself with animals or pets. You can however, find yourself by spending time alone and connecting with the elements. Then you can share what you found with others. You must be yourself to find your self. Being yourself means not conforming to the wishes and desires of others and what they want you to be. Who you are and what you are, are two different things. That is explained in one of my previous blog articles. The process of finding yourself is about peeling away the layers and shedding every human attachment that is not your pure, loving soul. Your soul came to your body as only pure love. Everything else is learned from your human experience during this lifetime. To find yourself, you must get back to the essence of your soul. Some examples of layers that need to be shed are greed, ego, vanity, judgment, intolerance, fear and hate. Casual use of or addiction to chemical substances must be overcome. If it hides who you are, in favor of what you want to be, it is an escape. Escaping from your self is not a path to finding yourself. Your true self is selfless, not selfish. Once you begin to find yourself, you will discover the meaning in peace and selflessness. Giving of yourself without expectation is part of the path to inner peace. The selfishness of pursuing money, power, control and possessions, will give way to the selflessness of making time for others in need. Trust in anything you feel drawn to do that is somehow helpful to others. Those are the things that will somehow help you heal as well. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Are you ready? Start by finding your best connection element or elements. Most people have one element that helps them connect more than the others. Some examples of connections through the elements are: sitting or walking on the ground or grass, touching a tree, gardening, standing in the wind, running, biking, motorcycling, driving a convertible car, sunrise, sunset, candles, bonfires, swimming, bathing, showering, lakes, rivers, streams and the ocean. Whenever you can combine multiple elements, it will be enhance your connection. Be quiet and feel your inner peace. This process is not about thinking as much as it is about reflection, introspection, feeling and knowing. You must be prepared to question everything about your human existence. You must be willing to release all that does not serve your true self and the greater good. Let this be the beginning of your journey toward self discovery. Don’t expect it all to come to you through the normal human senses. Self discovery is a gradual and subtle experience. It is usually an evolution of awareness, knowing and emotional feelings. Learn to trust your gut instinct and dismiss any human emotions masquerading as spiritual guidance. Simply put, if it comes from a place of love, it is from your spirit guides and the universe. The universe and your spirit guides will not to give you messages that are cruel, judge mental or evil. I understand that life issues can be complicated and overwhelming. And I know there may be many questions of a personal nature. If you feel the need for individual guidance, I am available for individual sessions. Those sessions can be scheduled through my website by clicking on the rates and scheduling tab. Namaste. 

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