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Patience and Trust

I just received a phone call from a client who had a session with me four months ago. During that session, her spirit guides channeled guidance through me. That guidance included a spiritual path and a glimpse of some steps along her path. One of those glimpses was a future job opportunity and a man who would play a role in advancing her career. The sole purpose for her call today was to thank me for helping her recognize this opportunity when it came about. The man I was shown clairvoyantly and described in some detail during her session, turned out to be EXACTLY as described when she met him in person. The opportunity and job he offered were accepted by my client and she is overjoyed with her new direction, both spiritually and in her career path. Where does the patience and trust come into play? She had patience that her opportunity would come along. She trusted her intuition when presented with the opportunity, that it was right for her path in life. Those next steps she takes will help lead her toward happiness, fulfillment and peace. 

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