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Chasing your Dreams

Are you chasing your dreams? By dreams, I don’t mean your sleeping or lucid dreams, rather goals and aspirations that are often referred to as dreams. Chasing your dreams is not a spiritual practice. Setting goals, aspiring to achieve them and attempting to control the outcome can lead to anxiety. Failure to achieve those goals and fear of losing control can lead to depression. Setting and pursuing those goals can also lead to unwelcome influence from your negative human emotions. Greed and ego are the most common negative influences encountered along the way. The pursuit of fame and fortune is the antithesis of a spiritual calling. Human goals rooted in achieving position and power or accumulating monetary wealth and possessions are a shallow substitute for soulful living and love of your true self. You are in effect, creating an expected outcome in your mind and trying to control every aspect of your human life to meet that expected outcome. There is no room for control in a spiritual being. What is the solution? Live in the present. Living in the present is trusting the direction your soul already knows. Yes, your soul already knows the journey you planned for yourself. Your human mind is not allowed to know the plan but your soul, your spirit guides and the universe will give you nudges along the way. Whether you recognize those nudges and follow them, ignore them or fight them, will determine the steps in your journey. What is living in the present? Trust of self, trust in the universe and trust that your life journey will play out as planned. Releasing human desires for extravagance and giving of yourself without expectation. Accepting that every decision may not bring the expected result. Knowing that there are no mistakes, only lessons. Understanding that every human is unique, every soul is connected and everyone should be accepted for who they are. Your reward for that self presence is discovering and understanding your true self. That understanding brings with it the discovery of your direction and the fulfillment that accompanies it. The societal construct of happiness is recognized as unfulfilling and your journey toward inner peace begins in earnest. 

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