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Influence of Past Lives

Much has been said and written about influences of past lives and “cutting cords” of attachment to those influences. Let’s examine this from both a logical and spiritual perspective. We incarnate to our current lives to live as an earthly being, within the guidelines of our soul plan and universal laws. As earthly beings, we are not allowed to know all of the lessons and experiences of our past lives. If we had that knowledge, it would change our entire life experience. The plan for our current lives takes into account everything we have experienced in previous lives. Carrying those lessons forward would complicate our current lives beyond belief. If your soul lived as “A” in a previous life, it may want to live as “B” in the next lifetime. Everything that happened during your life as “A” was a learning experience. Those lessons do not carry forward to the next lifetime. Many people I have encountered believe in this carryover and use it to excuse behavior that is not in their best interest spiritually. They embark on journeys of discovering past lives and cutting cords, in an attempt to free themselves from some perceived ties to past lives. The truth is, we are given everything we need to fulfill our soul plan. All the people and situations necessary to touch and guide our lives will be placed here. All we need to do is recognize those opportunities as guideposts in our spiritual journey. If you live a life of love, compassion and tolerance for all, your earthly being will awaken to more of the knowledge your soul holds. The answers to your spiritual questions do not lie in cutting cords to previous lives. The answers lie in creating connections with the earthly elements, discovering who you really are as a soulful being and releasing the negative human emotions that keep you from awakening. 

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