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Remembering Your Dreams

I encounter many people who are troubled by the inability to remember their dreams. Most dreams are a channel for the universe, our guides and loved ones to share spiritual knowledge with us. Frankly, most people I encounter do not understand the symbolism of the dreams they have, so their conscious mind would not be able to directly apply that dream information to their daily lives. It is not necessary for our waking mind to remember all of this dream knowledge. Your subconscious mind will retain everything from those dreams and draw on that information when it is necessary. As an example, you may have experienced thousands of encounters with people during your lifetime. How many of those encounters do you actually remember? Probably not many. That does not mean those encounters are not stored away somewhere in your memory. You retain the knowledge, wisdom and lessons from those encounters that shapes your life going forward. With dreams, you may not remember the specifics of every dream encounter but your subconscious mind retains the knowledge, wisdom and lessons from those dreams. What you retain from your dreams can be applied to your life situations. How does that work if you don’t remember the dreams? The easiest way to recognize the dream knowledge affect is when you have an important decision to make regarding your life path. You may make that decision differently today than you would have yesterday, a month ago or or year ago. Some of that change in the factors affecting your decisions comes from your waking human encounters, some of that change comes from spiritual knowledge received in your dreams. Try not to stress yourself over remembering your dreams. You have enough on your plate living this human existence. Trust that the universe, your spirit guides and your loved ones are there helping to guide you. Follow your intuition and gut instinct, because that is a direct connection to your own soul and everything it knows. Your soul is connected to those other souls that help guide you. They will all share with you what you need to find your direction in this lifetime. And finally, trust that what you are meant to remember and need to remember, you will remember. 

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