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Have my Loved Ones Abandoned Me?

I was recently asked this question by a client, who was concerned about certain loved ones not "showing up" during a mediumship session. The answer is easy. An emphatic NO! Let's begin under the assumption that the intuitive you visited is legitimate and has the gift of spirit communication. There is a reason for every connection and message we receive from our loved ones. In many instances, those messages are highly spiritual and transcend your current level of human understanding. If your human desires are not aligned with your spiritual needs and soul path, those loved ones may be waiting for you to make a meaningful move toward your path. Mediumship sessions should not be used as an ongoing crutch for temporary human emotional comfort. Your loved ones in spirit are always with you and ready to help you attain a higher level of spirituality. Simply put, they are ready when you are. You are much more likely to receive guidance from your loved ones relating to spiritual and soulful matters, than mundane human decisions. That isn't a bad thing, because your body, mind and soul are intertwined. Receiving and following guidance that leads you to becoming a more soulful being, will result in those mundane decisions becoming more clear. Take the soulful guidance you receive and know that your loved ones and spirit guides will NEVER abandon you. If you need help discovering and following your guidance from spirit, please click the "Rates and Scheduling" tab on my website to schedule a session. 

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