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What is a Soul?

A soul is a unique creation of metaphysical energy that intertwines with the body and mind to complete the formation of a physical life. That energy is the life force that retains every feeling and every thought from each lifetime you have experienced. As a human, you are not allowed to access all of that knowledge and wisdom. If you were allowed, it would influence your entire life and change your human experience. Your soul exists before, during and after your current human lifetime. It is connected to the souls of everyone you have ever shared a human experience with. That group is often referred to as your "soul family". Soul families participate in the planning of each human life experience and remain with you in spirit to serve as guides along your planned journey. This the term "spirit guides." You have the ability to connect with all the souls in your family and other souls that may allow your connection, if your intentions are good. That is how intuitives and psychic mediums connect. They (we) are tuning into the metaphysical energy of their soul. It is not a human ability, it is a spiritual gift that transcends your human senses. Your connection with souls (spirits) is not dependent upon a man-made religion. The rituals, dogma and some religious texts are designed to pull us away from connecting on our own. The easiest way to control humans is to keep them fearful and dependent. There is nothing to fear from spirit and there are no evil spirits. Every soul is pure love and light. What you perceive as evil are the human emotions and attachments that are part of your life experience. Every new being, whether human or animal is born with only love. You can see it in their faces. All other emotions are learned through the human experiences of family, culture, religion and society in general. Part of your life journey is to try and overcome some of those temptations. Please see my previous blog article entitled "Happiness, Fulfillment and Peace" for further explanation of this pursuit. A soul incarnates into life to experience those other emotions that are part of human life. Overcoming those negative emotions is part of the journey toward ascension into a higher consciousness. Releasing fear, greed, hate, intolerance, judgment and most of all, ego allows your loving soul to emerge. It isn't really about "finding yourself" as much as releasing what is not really you. The concepts put forth here are explained with greater depth and more detail in my second book, "From Grief to Awakening: Discover Hope and Healing in Your Own Spirituality." Both of my books are available through my website, Amazon and Barnes and Noble websites. 

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