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What's in a Dream?

What's in a Dream? Everything. Or nothing. The answer depends entirely on you. Many people see their dreams as confusing or dismiss them as meaningless nonsense. Nothing could be further from the truth. EVERY dream has meaning, it is your choice to learn the meaning of your dreams or dismiss them altogether. There are many types of dreams and I will share a brief explanation of some of them. Visitation dreams: These are usually the most desired and most welcome of all dreams. They are called visitation dreams because these dreams are an actual visit from the soul of your loved one. In a visitation dream, your loved one appears in a recognizable human form, not necessarily at the age of their passing. That appearance may or may not be accompanied by words and actions within the dream. The best way to recognize a visitation dream is by the overwhelming sense of love, peace and comfort felt after awakening from it. Your loved one may appear just before some event that will awaken you from sleep, such as an alarm clock or sudden noise. That timing helps you to remember the dream and enhances the feelings you receive from it. Symbolic dreams: Most dreams fall into this category and the symbolism tends to leave people confused or dismissive of these dreams. Scary dreams are mostly symbolic and the message is usually misunderstood. The most important thing to remember about these dreams is that what you see is not literal. Everything in the dream means something and you can choose whether to learn from the symbolism or dismiss it. The most common example of misunderstood symbolism is death within a dream, which doesn't mean the person who dies in the dream will pass in real life. Lucid dreams: These are often the most confusing dreams. The state of sleep that feels like you are not quite asleep but not fully awake is when lucid dreams take place. This dream type can be anything from a simple symbolic dream to inter-dimensional travel. Astral travel and remote viewing can be misinterpreted as a lucid dream. Prophetic dreams: Few people have prophetic dreams of events that actually come to pass. Those who do, can easily be afraid of these dreams and feel guilt from knowing and not being able to do anything about it. If you have these dreams, please remember that just because you are shown a future event, does not mean you are intended to change or prevent it. Every dream has meaning, lessons and guidance for your human life. Understanding your dreams helps you find who you are on a soul level and discover your life path. If you would like help with intuitive interpretation of your dreams, please visit my website at and click on the Rates and Scheduling tab to request your dream interpretation. 

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