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Depression, Anxiety and Spirituality

Depression is a human desire to control your past. Anxiety is a human desire to control your future. Your spirituality can help you overcome both. The past is done. It cannot be controlled. Denial is futile, blame is egotistical, guilt is self-judgment. The future is yours. Forgiveness is divine, acceptance brings inner peace, love is forever. Allowing your human desires to control your future in ways that are not compatible with your spiritual path, contributes to anxiety. Each day is an opportunity to discover the next steps in your path and embrace your spiritual journey. The path to a happy, fulfilled and peaceful life is through living in the present, spiritual connection and emotional grounding. Those who have passed on have gone before us to show the way. If you welcome their signs, allow yourself to be moved by their nudges and accept their extra-sensory guidance, your spiritual life path will be clear. It is your free-will choice. If you would like to learn more about your individual spiritual journey, please contact me or schedule an appointment via my website. 

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