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The Nature of Grief

Grieving the loss of loved ones is a natural process and it is not unique to the human experience. I recently observed visually and sensed energetically, the response of a robin to its loss of a loved one. The emotional response of this surviving bird was evident to anyone with the ability to feel energy beyond the physical senses. As I sat there watching for several minutes, the surviving bird assessed the situation and moved around.

This survivor began processing every component of the grief process. At first glance, it appeared to be confused. That apparent confusion was actually the bird wondering how to protect the remains of its loved one, now laying in the street. For now, the need to protect those physical remains overpowered its initial shock. Hopelessness and helplessness quickly ensued. Large and powerful vehicles were speeding by and this survivor was in danger of meeting the same fate.

After assessing the situation from every angle and reflecting on its loss, the bird moved away and stood without motion. Every imaginable emotion was now being processed, leading to the most important question of all. How do I go on?

For both of these birds, just as for humans, life is an experience. An energetic soul chooses to incarnate, chooses which of its soul family to connect with on a human level and chooses when to leave. As this bird hopped away and joined its surviving loved ones, the answer was apparent. As survivors, we must continue the life experience we chose. That is why we came here. We can best honor the memories of our loved ones by continuing on and sharing the love they left us with everyone who needs it.

Those loved ones who transitioned back to pure, loving energy before us understand our human emotions. They understand our grief and more importantly, they are trying to help us through it. All we have to do is recognize the signs, open our minds to that which is beyond the physical realm, trust the feelings we receive from them, love a spiritually connected life and go forth to share our love. Take the time to give of yourself and help others heal. Five of yourself without expectation and your will receive in return many times what you give, in many ways.

If you need help with your connection and direction, please contact me or schedule a session via my website.

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