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What are nightmares? Nightmares are simply dreams with messages you do not yet understand.

Most dreams are symbolic. The images, words and situations in those dreams should not be taken literally. Our spirit guides and loved ones who have transitioned, use our dreams to send us messages and guidance. Those coded messages are necessary because they are not allowed to affect our free will with outright and direct advice. The coding also helps awaken our soulful perception of information we receive from beyond our traditional physical senses.

Do you know anyone who has been harmed physically by a dream? It only happens in the movies. Those movies create fictitious and disturbing situations to instill fear, because fear sells.

What you fear most from a dream, or "nightmare" is actually a coded message that means something totally different than what your rational minds thinks it means. The fear that is felt from misperceptions of those dreams is a product of cultural conditioning of our conscious minds. Therefore, the only thing we have to fear is... fear itself.

If you would like help deciphering the messages in your dreams, please visit the "Rates and Scheduling" section of my website and request an individual dream interpretation.

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