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Life After Life

Some people are led to believe that their loved ones who have passed are living a physical life somewhere else and that we, as mediums can somehow to connect with those loved ones to see how they are. I generally avoid controversy but when I believe people are being taken advantage of, especially by someone using or abusing spirituality, I feel it necessary to speak out. Let's evaluate this this logically.

It is generally accepted by mediums that our souls live many lives and come back again and again. Those lives are shared with the same group of souls (soul family) each time we come back to physical life. To say that somehow the soul of a loved one is living another life disconnected from their soul group on another plane or existence is outside the norm of accepted beliefs. If your loved ones were to plan such a life, would they plan to have the exact same appearance and habits as they have in the life they just completed and shared with you? That belief defies both logic and the accepted norms.

I have heard stories from clients about other mediums telling them that their loved ones are continuing or living a life exactly as the same as the one they just completed. If those mediums have legitimate abilities, I believe they are confusing validations from the past life with what they think is a physical life being led by a loved one. While this may seem confusing on the surface, it really is not.

Our souls can and do lead a non-physical existence of pure energy between the lives we share with the loved ones in our soul family. There is no physical placeholder between lives where our loved ones exist unattached from their soul group. If that were the case, those souls would not be able to communicate with us and help us guide us in our lives as they do. We would not be able to feel them energetically around us and receive signs from them.

What grieving parent would not want to hear their child is riding a bicycle, going to school, playing sports and continuing essentially the same life they lived when they were here.? As a grieving parent, I know many who would love to hear that. As a psychic medium, it would be disingenuous for me to tell clients something like that and unethical for me to persuade them to come back and keep “checking up” on their child. Clinging to the need for that physical existence is a form of denial and a major spiritual block to discovering hope and healing.

While I don't generally suspect nefarious intent or ulterior motives from the mediums telling such stories, I have encountered a few instances of what I believe is questionable behavior. In those instances, it seems the mediums were trying to get the client to keep coming back on a regular basis to “check in” on their loved one bye leading them to believe those loved ones are living a physical life in some other existence.

My beliefs and philosophy lead me to try and help my clients learn, believe and understand that their loved ones are with them in spirit and not merely continuing their physical existence somewhere else. That understanding and belief brought me from a place of deepest sorrow after the loss of my son, to living a life of peace, comfort and hope that I am meant to live. I want to help others find that same peace comfort and hope. We all have the opportunity to find that place and live that peaceful life, if we make the free will choice to embrace those beliefs.


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