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The Magic Pill for Grief

When does the pain go away? If only there was a magic pill we could take to make it all better. That expectation is a result of the human condition of our society.

There are many variations of the quote; anything worth having is worth working for. I encounter many people who embrace that philosophy with regard to worldly possessions but disregard it with respect to their own spiritual self. A sense of peace, comfort and hope is certainly worth having, but are you willing to work for it? There is no magic pill to make grief go away. There are pills and other substances that offer temporary escape from the pain. Every time you escape, something will inevitably bring you back to reality.

Escape is temporary. Discovery and awakening are permanent. Your loved ones who have passed are trying to help you discover and awaken your spiritual self. They are knocking on the door but you must answer and invite them in. This process is not accomplished through earthly emotions. It can only be achieved through deep, soulful introspection and a paradigm shift in your belief structure.

How do I know this? I have done it. My progression from the ultimate skeptic of the afterlife, through the loss of my son, to discovering and awakening my spirituality are chronicled in my first book The Soul of My Son. The entire process and where it led me have inspired in me a desire to help others achieve the same peace, comfort, hope and healing. To that end, I documented the process in my second book From Grief to Awakening.

Reading, learning, discovering and following your path to a spiritual awakening is a choice that is entirely up to your free will. The alternative is to keep following the same path you have been, which will lead you back to the same place you are now.

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